Friday, May 2, 2014

Well through perseverance, and wine,
I was able to create this new quilt.
It’s called “Stair Bender”,
 a quilt inspired by on M C Escher’s mind bending
 art based on stairs.


  1. Thanks, I'm printing them as we speak. The patterns should be available this week at E. E. Schenck. If you don't have an account with E. E. Schenck, please ask your local quilt store to purchase it for you.

    Thanks again,
    Christopher Florence

  2. I this paper pieced? It looks terrific!

  3. I have a surprise for's NOT paper pieced!
    It took several months to break this idea out, from concept to reality.
    This new pattern is a strip quilt. That's right from selvage to selvage.
    The original idea was paper pieced, but I had to many people ask to find a simpler method.
    Thanks. Enjoy!

  4. Chris-
    You did it again! An intricate design made easy. Great job!
    Patterns are available from our online store.

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